100 Things About Me

Super old, but hey. Here you go.

  1. I am 155cm (5’1″) – the itty bitty Queen of England is taller than me!
  2. It annoys me that Canada uses some imperial and some metric stuff.
  3. I taught myself how to crochet using YouTube videos.
  4. I also do it backwards from the way most people do it. It comes out the right way, so I guess it all works out?
  5. The Beard and I started dating when I was nineteen.
  6. I am really awful at matching things together, so I purposely buy everything intentionally non-matching — I have a pretty eclectic home.
  7. Speaking of self-taught, I also taught myself HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP and a little bit of JavaScript.
  8. I relate to a bohemian lifestyle, but am a bit uptight to actually be Boho.
  9. One of my most favourite pastimes is going second-hand shopping.
  10. I gave up real books for my Kindle. After adamantly denying I’d do so.
  11. I am completely and utterly terrified of birds.
  12. And the dentist. I do go, but infrequently.
  13. When I was eighteen I replaced a starter and an alternator + belts in a super old Pontiac I had.
  14. I’ve had three Water Dragons and loved them.
  15. I’m a Potter Person, but not obsessively.
  16. To that matter, I tend to roll my eyes at the extremists in fandoms.
  17. When I travel I avoid eating and drinking for as long as I possibly can. I tend to have sensitive digestion, so I don’t have to poo on the side of the road. True dat.
  18. I can play the flute and the F horn, and I can transpose music from any key into F for the horn.
  19. Often I have to purchase tween clothes because they fit me better than adult clothes.
  20. Little kids, generally, don’t like me.
  21. I absolutely love other people’s dad jokes, but when The Beard does it, I am annoyed beyond belief.
  22. I am a natural brunette.
  23. I started going grey at 29.
  24. I don’t like cats, except for the ones I currently have (Huggy and Kendo).
  25. Most of the vegetables I consume are raw, as I can rarely cook them to a consistency I like.
  26. Prior to going veg*n, I ate Ranch Dressing with everything.
  27. I used to live on a nature conservancy, thus, I have an unnatural fear of deer and no fear of coyotes.
  28. My very most favourite colour is orange.
  29. Halloween is my favourite holiday.
  30. I tend to throw away everything, so The Beard feels like a hoarder to me (he’s really not).
  31. Bear is called Bear because it rhymes with his name.
  32. Bird is called Bird because of this song that we were watching on Futurama and I was dying at how cute lil baby Bender was when I was all hormonal.
  33. I cried at the end of this episode of Futurama. Because dogs.
  34. I cry all the time, actually. I have even cried in yoga because I was having a hard time doing a side plank. Also because I hated everything at the time, but it was mostly because of side plank.
  35. Pumpkin pie is my favourite.
  36. I always said that I would never date someone who had chest hair or a beard. So much for that.
  37. My eyebrow is pierced, but not my ears.
  38. I have an original iPod Nano, and it still works. It’s named iClaud.
  39. I have a new one, too, and it’s also named iClaud, just to confuse my computer.
  40. Often I feel that I am broken because 90% of Disney films make me want to vomit with rage.
  41. I planned my wedding in six days and it went just fine. We did not elope and I was not pregnant.
  42. I think zoos are animal prison.
  43. I also pronounce the letter Z the correct way – ZED.
  44. I have never left the country of Canada, but have visited about half of the provinces.
  45. I don’t so much chew gum as grind it – my dentist loves it.
  46. I drink tea, not coffee.
  47. I have astigmatism and wear glasses. I don’t want contacts or surgery.
  48. It honestly baffles me that adults my age don’t read.
  49. Actually, it also baffles me when they say they hate reading.
  50. Out of our direct neighbours and ourselves (6 adults) I’m the only one who reads recreationally.
  51. I download a lot of fonts, for no good reason other than I like them.
  52. One time, living on the conservancy, my cat caught a bat and we thought it was the awesomest thing. Not really about me, but I like to reminisce.
  53. I used to jazz dance for a couple of years, until a new school I went to was highly competitive and I didn’t handle it very well.
  54. I don’t like rules and feel like breaking them just for the hell of it.
  55. I’m an ESFP, basically meaning I am who I am and I don’t give one flying toot whether you like that or not; I’m not here to impress anyone.
  56. I DON’T LIKE CHOCOLATE. There, I said it.
  57. I’m half French Canadian, and by lineage, I’m, like, really-really Canadian.
  58. I had a mini crisis for all of a month when I was 29 that when I turned 30 I was going to have to smarten up and be an adult. HAH is all I have to say to that. I am who I am.
  59. In high school I took so much extra art that I was in for over 12h a week. I used to go on my spares, too.
  60. For anyone interested, I am not a realist in my art, and I like things that don’t make sense; I ♥ Dali!
  61. I fully support the Calgary Flames, even though they’ve been kind of not good.
  62. My hair is not straight and it’s not curly…it’s just kind of big.
  63. I don’t mind waiting in lines. Waiting doesn’t bother me. This includes waiting without network connectivity or wifi.
  64. I overhang the toilet paper, because that is correct and anyone who changes it to the wrong way in the house is shunned.
  65. I don’t have any nicknames because Claudia doesn’t really shorten to anything, and it doesn’t rhyme with anything.
  66. However, boys in grade seven used to call me Spaghetti Legs.
  67. I hated high school, but I was super-duper weird, so I understand why now.
  68. If I had to go back and do it all again, I’d probably weird everything up even more so than I did before.
  69. I can braid my own hair, including, but not limited to: pigtail braid, french braid, dutch braid, waterfall braid, side braid.
  70. Man, I still need thirty of these?
  71. Everything I own has a ding or dent in it. If it doesn’t, it gets one very shortly after I purchase it.
  72. In the past year I’ve decided that I don’t like much of what’s on TV.
  73. However, I can binge watch with the rest of them on Netflix. (sherlock)
  74. I don’t feel like I’d be any worse off for not watching TV, or cancelling the whole kit and caboodle.
  75. I really, really like goats. They’re mega cute.
  76. The best toy, in my opinion, that my kids have, is the toy kitchen that The Beard made for Christmas 2014. It’s awesome and everything is beyond adorably cute and small in it.
  77. The most satisfying chore in the house is vacuuming.
  78. I had a friend train me out of saying “ey-ern” or the word IRON when I was about 17. Now I’m acutely aware when people do not pronounce it “eye-ron”
  79. I showed dogs, competitively, for a number of years as a kid.
  80. I also owned Flemish Giant rabbits, and showed those.
  81. I used to rock climb, non-competitively.
  82. Now I yoga, non-competitively, but I ♥ it.
  83. I tend to abuse emoticons in text messages. I have to actively choose not to use them when I write here, because I feel like 30+ year old people shouldn’t be utilizing emoticons to the degree that I do when writing on the internets.
  84. I’ve never stuck my tongue to an ice cold metal fence. I have gotten my wet mittens stuck to a fence though.
  85. I haven’t ever been in a legit igloo before, only home-crafted ones, but I want to one day.
  86. I would also LOVE to go dog sledding.
  87. I would like to get a tattoo, but change my mind, regularly, on what I like, so I would probably get tired of it in 2-3 years, so I don’t ever get one.
  88. We got a compost bin at a garage sale for $10 and it was the best $10 we ever spent.
  89. I am a huge sucker for anything teeny tiny, which is why my daughter ended up with a bazillion clothes. She was full term, but came out preemie sized, so her diapers and clothes were weensie.
  90. I regret not cloth diapering Bear, but what can you do?
  91. I’m kind of a hippie.
  92. I’m an adult convert to Christianity, but I do hang onto many scientific things as well.
  93. Inadvertently, I turn on “funny” when I’m around people because it makes me feel good to have people laugh, even if it’s at me/I’m being gross.
  94. I’m inexplicably drawn to Waldorf/Montessori home education and while I’m so far from perfect it’s not even funny, I love working little nuggets into our daily life that revolve around that. I went to very traditional school and did not have hippie parents, so maybe this is just me “stickin’ it to the man”?
  95. I have a terrible memory. Seriously. If you ask me when something happened and it was more than three days ago, my answer will always be “a while ago”.
  96. QUITE like Pinterest, unfortunately.
  97. I get kind of mad, sometimes, when people text instead of phoning me. Especially when it’s chatting for a long time and there’s nothing preventing a phone conversation. I’m an old fogey.
  98. Naps are, like, the bestest thing ever. I mean for me, not for my kids.
  99. One time I stopped someone from throwing something in the garbage, and then I realized how ridiculous I sounded when I shouted “DON’T!” and moved my hand to karate chop their arm out of the way. That story has no point, I just find it amusing to myself.
  100. Finally. Damn. When you’re so boring, such as my self, one hundred things takes for EVER to get to the end of.

What is Frogging and Why Is It Called That?

Frogging is a funny term, isn’t it? I like it, it makes me smile.

When you’re crocheting, you may have hit a point in your project where you have to pull it all out, re-roll your ball of yarn and start over. Frogging is the act of the pulling everything out of their stitches.

The term may have come from the fact that the stitches sort of say “rrrrript” (see: ribbit it), hence “frogging”.

I’ve frogged my projects many times. We can be friendly on Ravelry, if you like

Happy crocheting!

Friday’s Things

I wish I was better at remembering to take pictures of stuff. Since I quit blogging a couple of years ago, picture taking also went completely by the wayside. I have the normal-people pictures of stuff that my children do (Christmas Concerts, giant messes), but not the every day stuff.

Occasionally, I long for those kinds of things. I love looking through my old external hard drive and look at pictures when they were babies. Or sitting around and playing their toys, or smearing all the yoghurts in their hair.

I felt really accomplished today.  I’ve been waiting, checking out garage sales, and saving up Christmas money to get myself a food processor. My mom let me know she had this supremely old GE model (it’s almost thirty years old) that I could have. So I spent the early afternoon, after feeding kids and making messes, making some chickpea patties with it (which I messed up on. They ended up not bad, but they aren’t great. Need more spices), and also coconut butter. I tasted some on a spoon and was a bit underwhelmed (what is it with my tastebuds?!) and then had it with peanut butter on a piece of bread and was, like, oh that’s what everyone’s yammering on about! I’m a bit slow on the uptake on the regular.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve grown up, when I get things like this new-to-me food processor. I feel elated with my new toy and get down to business with looking at what I could make with it, and what would be good. I feel like a kid when they get something new. It was the same when I got my new-to-me blender. I use it a lot more now, since January began, and I have a green smoothie almost every day. I made juice once, but it dyed my nut bag, so I sort of am off that. Honestly, it’s not even like my almond milk tastes any different, I’m just like yick when I see that brownish-orange bag. For the record, the first juice I made was apple-carrot-ginger and it was amazeballs.

I actually feel like telling the world this, but I had had no meat for, like, six days or so. And then last night we had beef stroganoff (which I don’t really like), with egg noodles. I completely neglected to make anything for myself and I didn’t want to have yet another vegetable wrap (even though they are super delish), so I ate the dinner with everyone else.

The regret I feel today is epic. Not because I ate an animal, but my intestines are seriously PISSED OFF. I woke up with sharp pains in my abdomen and I’ve spent my fair share of time in the washroom. I haven’t been the “perfect” veg*n before this – e.g. I made tacos and grated some cheese; I swept up the little cheese crumbs and ate them without thinking – but I feel like I have made a really good effort. I’m making an attempt. Anyway, all this is to say that I’ve done pretty okay this week, and then I have a day of laziness and I feel like I’m paying for it – big time. I’m hoping I’ll really remember this feeling when I get lazy or don’t want to eat something else.

OH!! I went shopping on Wednesday, and I was looking at broccoli. The crowns and the stems (does this even make sense? My store sells broccoli crowns, or you can get the full tree) are $3.97/lb. about a year ago, they were $0.97/lb! Maybe I’ll be buying some broccoli seeds?

In honour of the whole Friday’s Things, I’m leaving you with some vegan recipes I want to try. Don’t necessarily need a food processor for them.

  • Vegan Chai Latte: because I am a chai latte addict. Seriously, I racked up 22 stars in a month at Starbucks.
  • Cucumber hummus: I would fight tooth and nail to declare hummus the food of the gods, not ambrosia.
  • Mango fruit roll ups: something for the kids that’s devoid of extra sugar and gelatin.
  • Vegan crazy dough: I’ve made this before and was pretty pleased with the results, but I want to make some cinnamon buns and stuff like that.
  • Chickpea of the Sea: When I was a kid I LOVED chicken salad sandwiches. I’d like to try a version of this, but I need to get ahold of veganaise to try out.

Winter fire

I love having fires. So much that there’s rarely a weeks in summer that we don’t have one. Unless it’s raining.

Over the weekend I had my very first winter fire. The weather was amazing as heck for 9pm in January, and the sky was alight with so many constellations.


There are about 736466373 perks to being married to a carpenter, and free wood is one of them. Free fir, oak and maple are the best.

The Pledge

I’ve taken the unofficial pledge to not purchase any cosmetic item this year which has been tested on animals. My last shipment of cosmetics came from the lovely e.l.f. company who doesn’t test on animals. I’m no beauty blogger by any means, but when I can get mascara for a buck, I sort of loves it. I also sort of love it that you can get free gifts and free shipping if you spend the amount determined (which is actually a lot more difficult than you think, especially when you’re buying stuff that’s less than $3 a pop).

I’m on the hunt for shampoo and conditioner that I love. I’ve been using GÜD by Burt’s Bees for a little bit and while I like the smell I’m not over the moon about how much I feel like I need to use…and my hair isn’t very long. I used to use Live Clean products, but I wanted to try out this other brand. I might go back. The smells are a bit “hippie” for The Beard, but they are between 95-98% vegetable sourced and they aren’t tested on animals.

If you have recommendations, I’d love to hear ‘em!

Yoga Kids

My children have taken a very sudden and delightful interest in yoga this past week. Especially since I found this positively awesome yoga poster.

Every night Bear’s been asking if we can do yoga, Darth Vader or not. He grabs my old Everlast yoga mat and lays it out in front of my bed, very neatly. My Halfmoon mat is ridiculously heavy, so it’s really unweildy for him to handle, so he lays my mat bag out beside his mat. His mat bag is covered in the sweetest little turtles, mine: orange and white hounds tooth (the best, by the way).

Bird had interest, too, although hers is fleeting but nonetheless cute. She really likes laying out my towel mat, making a bed with it, or doing endless rounds of Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby). Seriously, the majority of the time I hear “Mama, let’s do happy baby again!”

It really makes me feel happy when they’re so enthusiastic to do some yoga each  night. Does it make them sleep better? I have no idea, they’ve been decent sleepers for quite some time (Bear especially. Bird since she was approximately 9 months old)

Anyway, the first night Bear wanted to do the Darth Vader yoga, so we spent a few minutes at that. He said he wanted to see me do it first, then I helped position him as much as I could. Uttanasana (chair) is so difficult!! That asana always makes me sweat, even just showing the kids how to do it. I was so surprised at how well Bear did with that one. Bird ends up in a weird pseudo-Garland pose which is hilarious.

I do enjoy doing this with them, because it forces me to actually follow through with my daily yoga goal for this year. It’s something nice that we can do together and play around with (safely! I am a big advocate of safety when doing these things and never force the kids’ flexibility, or make them maintain a pose that’s hurting him).

For what it’s worth, I am not a yoga instructor, I don’t have my training of any kind, so it’s nothing about that. I just go to class and practice at home. ♥

Going Camping

Ah yes, camping. I really do like going camping.

camping little bow

Us in our un-photo shopped glory. no makeup, bad skin and every little beard hair showing.

Paying all that money to live like a savage for a couple of days. Could there be anything better?!

We didn’t go camping as much as I had hoped in 2014. As in we went once and then sort of forgot about it, even though we had so much time to actually do so.

camping little bow

So, this year I have made a pact with myself that we are going to go camping, damnit, come hell or high water. Maybe not high water after all the flooding of 2013….

camping little bow

Bird was so little here, but they had so much fun making and setting up camp. Little kids are great camping partners.

I don’t have specifics of where I would like to go, outside of one campground – the Little Bow Provincial Park. Other than that, I’m pretty game. I have checked out a lot of other campgrounds that are provincial parks in Alberta since last summer – online at least. Some get good reviews, others don’t…as they tend to do. The bigger ones are more expensive but have many  more amenities than the hike-in variety. I’m not sure hitchin’ it in cougar/bear territory with two little people is really my idea of a stupendous time (mmmm, people burritos), but some place that the boys can fish sounds like it’d do up right nice.

There are also so many things that I want to attempt to make use of over the course of our camping times in the summer – so many things that I pinned that seemed like they were ingenious ideas. You know the kind, the kind that actually require  person to test them out to declare them usable pins.

Things that I want to test whilst camping

Read a New Book Each Month

I love to read, but since I have children I tend to leave reading to children’s books. I can honestly say that I’m done reading Fox in Socks, even though I love it. I need some mother books to put into the engine.

I am NOT an Amazon affiliate, these links are simply for your own curiosity.

I have a Kindle 4 that I read 95% of my books on. In fact, my January selection is the first paperback book I’ve read, outside of a cookbook, in well over a year. I highly recommend the Kindle 4 if all you want to do with it is read. Reading with the iPad app of the Kindle fries my brains.

January: The Casual Vacancy – JK Rowling

February: The Four Noble Truths – Dalai Lama

March: Unconditional Parenting – Alfie Kohn

April: Dhammapada, a collection of verses

May: Buddhism for Mothers: A Calm Approach to Caring for Yourself and Your Children – Sarah Napthali


June: Leaves of Grass – Walt Whitman

July: Anna Karenina – Tolstoy

August: What is Waldorf Kindergarten? – Sharifa Oppenheimer

September: The Scarlet Letter – Nathaniel Hawthorne

October: Old French Romances – William Morris

November: Lady Chatterley’s Lover – DH Lawrence

December: TBD* I think I have time to find something ;)

Unplug on the Weekends



I like to pretend that I’m above the smartphone craze. Because I don’t have a data plan and my phone’s decently limited to being a phone when I’m out of wifi range. Which is fine. I actually don’t miss the ability to do stuff when I’m at the doctor’s office, or waiting for someone.

I’m really not so special. I’m on these things way, way too much. Which has led me to being iThing-free on the weekends. I have reserved the right to use my phone to communicate, but I turn the wifi off. I leave my iPad in my nightside table. I don’t go onto the old dinosaur of a computer (sorry HP, you’re 2 years old now). You might notice that my postings have been on weekdays – perhaps not, but you will now. There’s really nothing earth shattering that could happen, honestly, online, that I can’t wait for till Monday or what have you. Should something go that way, anyone who needs to contact me has all of that information to do so.

It’s difficult, though. I’m not going to lie. It’s incredibly difficult to just leave everything as is, not watch Netflix in bed, not order a new book for my Kindle, not just check up on the internet because that’s what I do. I can tell you my clothes are certainly put away in a more timely fashion, and my children and I have had some pretty awesome Playmobil sets erected.

Improve French Skills

When I lay awake at night, unable to sleep, I practice the little bit of French I know; imagining conversations and responding. Almost all of the conversations are broken, and I’m left thinking too hard about what the word for tree is, and why so much of my faux-conversing is limited to “I don’t know…” sentences.

This particular goal of mine has no end point, exactly, it’s just something that I would really like to work on. In my school years, grade four to grade nine, I took French as required. After that it became an option. As an adult I wish that I had continued on, but there was always something about conjugating verbs that left me in a somewhat catatonic state. je/tu/il-elle/nous/vous/ils-elles rattles around in the recesses of my brains.

Would I like to eaves drop on conversations that French people are having? No, probably not. As luck would have it, I was taught France-French instead of Quebecois-French, which has some different lilts and conversation tactics to it. Most of the people I overhear speaking French are most definitely from Quebec. I can pick out a few words here or there, but nothing that I find particularly interesting.

My children have also started becoming interested in what the things around them are, in French. Mum, what’s ice in French? I respond with glace. Now every time he walks on the ice, Bear always tells me he’s walking like Velcro on the glace. Warms the cockles of my black little heart, it does.

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